Well despite the problems surrounding folks not getting the emails after registering for the session this was definitely a session to remember!

In a moment of weakness, or possibly due to the red wine, Kevin had actually volunteered himself to introduce us to the wonders of Powertex. I think it's safe to say the the audience had no idea what was coming as Kevin introduced some of his work and then proceeded to show us how the stunning effects are achieved.

Simply by looking around Zoom in gallery view it was obvious that this was one of those demonstrations which took people by surprise and, happily, you could almost see the "I wonder if could...." ideas coming out of people's heads like a cartoon speech bubble!

The techniques involve preparation of a recess in the piece of work and then addition of fabric or, other materials, which are coated in Powertex. However this was only the start of Kevin's exploration of using this material and several of the others in the Powertex product range.

At least one member of the audience is going to be receiving a delivery of Powertex within the next few days and we can look forward to some pieces featuring these and other techniques.

A good night was had by all and we have a willing (well almost willing) volunteer for the next session, so don't forget to register in good time for next weeks session which will feature Helen Bailey (sorry Helen but I just followed Pat's lead).

Thanks once again to all involved and remember it's much better to volunteer rather than wait to be press-ganged into it!!

Photos are below: