Well what can I say, other than a huge thank you to Helen Bailey. The Zoom session was, once again, a treat! If you missed it then, sad to say you did miss something really quite special.


Helen gave us a very comprehensive overview of her methodology from details of blank selection righ tthrough the turning, piercing and surface finishing techniques used to produce her stunning works of art.

I think everyone went away with things to think about and I know I picked up a tip on having several bowl gouges pre-sharpened when doing a thin walled vessel, however I think that I still won't be able to achieve those standards with or without 40 grit...

All of this is done in a series of workspaces that can only be described as immaculate...I've seen operating theatres with more mess!

At any rate it was a good night and it was very pleasing to see a few new faces in attendance along with the "regulars" the only problem we have is following that one.

If anyone wants to volunteer I'd be pleased to talk to you!

Remember to sign up for this Monday's session on the form which is here:


See you Monday folks.

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