It has been said that woodturners like nothing more that spending as much time as they can surround by wood and shavings. The situation that we all find ourselves in is hopefully once in a lifetime but it certainly is different.


Many of us will be reducing the list of outstanding jobs that need time spent on them or have been put to the bottom of the list perhaps more than once in the past!

It is also the case as I am informed that gardens are generally neat and tidy with well cut grass, a testament to many hours of work and some good weather.

As I write this we have just started the fourth week of restrictions of movement and keeping safe.

I was not able to quickly think of a good reason why I could not produce an article for our Webmaster Carl when he phoned me. The previous newsletters have been interesting and from speaking to some of our members( on the phone!! ) have been well received, so this is my attempt. Remember you never know when Carl will phone looking for contributions so it “may be you who gets the next call from him”

So what am I going to make?

Some future stock?

But all the Galleries and Outlets are closed and it probably will take some time to reestablish once the restrictions have ended. All Craft events to the end of summer are cancelled and these will hopefully return in 2021.

Thinking about and making future stock can be spread over the next number of weeks and that may give me some ideas on variations to these items so they may give me something to let you see. There was in the back of my mind( some people say that there is not a lot there!) there was a project I had seen many years ago and had greatly admired but had never got round to making it.

You might ask why? but it was time consuming and involved a lot of hand sanding and airbrushing. Now would be a good time to start and try to pass the time we all have on our hands with something that I want to make for the fun of it and enjoyment rather than what others will hopefully want to buy.

The piece is made out of a 300x50mm blank of sycamore, the particular piece was selected at it did have some unattractive grain pockets and some dark patches of colour which would not be seen as the whole piece will have a white base coat s o the colour of the substrate was not important as any other light coloured timber would also be suitable.

Some further photos will be included in a future edition of the newsletter with some further information.

To make things a little more interesting why don’t you try guessing what the finished piece will be and who turned it in the first place. You can reply using the website contact form to say what you think it will be when it is finished and who was the wood artist who first made it. It is only fair to give you a clue as you have read the whole article by now. The clue — A lady turner.

Stay at home, be safe and take care.


P.S. Ian Forster and Carl Burn are not expected to reply as they know who it is!