As many of you will no doubt have seen by now there is a growing trend towards remote demonstrations and meetings for turners using the Zoom system.


Many of you will not have used this before so here are some resources to get you going. 


Zoom is available FREE OF CHARGE from the Zoom website, you can find the website by clicking here. (This will open in a new window). You can register on the Zoom site, also FREE OF CHARGE and you are under no obligation to buy anything at all or provide them with any card details when registering, it simply means you are a registered user of the software. You may get a few emails but all of them have an opt out link and if you don't want the emails then use the opt out link!

For Windows computer and Mac users you can download and install from the Zoom site, for those of you using either a Tablet, iPad, iPhone or other phone you can download the app from the app store for your sort of device.

Once installed on your machine you can use Zoom to connect to any Zoom meeting, you can find details of some of these on the club website - bottom right on the home page. Some meetings are free (the AWGB sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays) and some require you to purchase a ticket, usually via the demonstrators website (for example Glenn Lucas, Pat Carroll, Trent Bosch).

In terms of getting to know how to use the system you will find some very good help right on the Zoom website, if you are not able to find the help then just click here. (This link will open in a new window and take you to the Zoom site). On this page you will find details of guides for how to use Zoom on all the different devices that they support, just find the link for your device and click on it!

You will also find links to Zoom video tutorials and to their online webinars, these are excellent and they are FREE so you don't need to pay for them.

The club is now running Zoom sessions at 7pm on Monday evenings, these are FREE to members of BWT and to other local club members. We do require that you register in advance for these sessions and that your devices are set up so that either your name or email address show when you enter a meeting, anonymous attendees will be held in the waiting room until we can verify that you are a registered attendee.

These two requirements are simply to help us ensure that attendees are not bothered by anyone wishing to cause disruption to the meetings as this has happened to other sessions where registration has not happened. You can register for the club Zoom sessions here:

Finally please take the time to use the resources at Zoom prior to dropping into a session, if you can already use the system when you attend one of the sessions you will get more out of it and so will everyone else! If you don't want to use the training then the next best thing will be either children or grand children as they will no doubt be able to use it within seconds and show you how its done.